From the recording The Grand Voyage

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Sleepless in Northampton
Lyrics : Karine Ste-Marie, 2016
Music : Gabriel Ethier, Karine Ste-Marie

Whisper sweet
Whisper true
Across the sea
I’m calling you
Can’t fall asleep
Wondering ‘bout me and you
What will it be
Can’t weigh the truth

Sleepness in Northampton
I am all alone
Roaming through the streets
I feel so far from home
But home is in my head
And never the same bed
I’ll wait for you

Sleepless in Northampton
Mind is spinning blue
Wandering across the ocean
Can’t keep it off you
Questions without answers
Answers without words
I’m done with you

Lights are off
Painted moon
Awakened dreams
I’m calling you
I try to close my eyes
To breathe you out
Can’t shut you down
Stuck in this town

Sleepless in Northampton
I am out of luck
If chemistry needs timing
I can’t give you up
You never tell me no,
You never shut the door
Then, you have me beg for more

Sleepless in Northampton
Gotta walk away
I’m gonna need an answer
Got my heart at play
When you build castles out of cards
Yeah they are bound to fall
We are bound to break

Yeah I’m done with you
I’m done with you