1. Vancouver Rain

From the recording The Grand Voyage

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Vancouver Rain
(Karine Ste-Marie/Marc-André Bourbonnais, 2016)

Have we been here before
Messed up this time once more
I feel like running away
No hiding from myself
Heart aching through my chest
Seems like I’m caught on replay

It’s another city
Another day
Still I can’t get you out of my head
Though our time is counted
The seed’s been planted
And I can’t help these tears down my face
Would you stay

If you’d let me in
I would let you win
Let me be your everything
I would give my all
We’d be standing tall
Please don’t let the flame fade away
Beneath Vancouver rain

How did you find me here
Alone out on the pier
Trying to make peace with the truth
Won’t let you see a thing
Timing’s an awful game
In which I tend to lose

Just a few more towns
A few more days
Until our feet wander astray
All our ports are counted
Our mountains mounted
Can you catch my tears through the rain
Could you stay


You make me feel free
You’ve made me believe
You’ve brought me to life
Helped me open my eyes
If you must go than go
And I will keep your memory