From the recording The Grand Voyage

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Buenos Aires Tango

Karine Ste-Marie/Eric Von Kimble/Sylvain Michel

We’re going out into the night,
We’re making one against the wind
Down the alleys of fire burns the flame
Palermo never sleeps through love and sin

I catch my breath, a stranger stares
Fever’s overtaking me
Let’s play a vertical game
Of horizontal desire
Tango with me on the street

Hold me closer, pull me closer
Dance the whole night through
Hold me closer, pull me closer
Tango to this view

Buenos Aires, I’m in love with you
Buenos Aires Tango me and you

And while the little cafés and boutiques dream
The modern vampires come here for release
I’m feeling warm and good as you caress my cheek
You lead the steps, no need to speak

Oh just a little more wine enebriating my feet
The goddess sleeping inside was playing hide and seek
Now that I’ve found myself, now that I feel complete
This lusty secret I can’t keep


1-2-3 you gently set my heart at ease
Thoughts vanish ,you stay
I’m here, alive, I feel the heat