Reflexions about Strength, Dreams and Singing

Rawdon, Québec

A photo popped up onto my Facebook page today. The first photo I was ever tagged in, exactly 12 years ago.

It was a picture taken on the set of "Popstars 3: The One", a reality TV show I had taken part of at age 17. Seventeen years ago exactly. Looking at that photo, a mixture of sadness and pride arose within me. When I was 17, half way through the life I have now, I had no strength. I had no wisdom. I hadn't been through much, therefor, had nothing to say. But there is something I did have that I seem to have lost along the way : ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE IN MY FUTURE.

I was even somewhat arrogant to be honest. It's ironic because I was a very timid child, scared of her own shadow but somehow singing made me believe in myself and it pushed me out of my comfort zone and into a world of being social, having friends and a newfound confidence in myself and my life mission. I was going to change the world with my voice!

Looking at that Popstars photo, there is no doubt in my mind that the only reason that little 17 year old french Canadian with an average voice made it to the Top 12 out of 5000 people  is that she believed in her dream more than anything in the world. The 17 year old me believed the world was her oyster, that she could have it all, no matter where she was from. If it was one in a million, she was going to be the one. Hell at 17, I used to work 2 jobs on top of school to pay for my dream. All the singing lessons, interpretation, the old car that would get me places... I was fierce!


So what happened?

Life will try and bring you down. Some lessons will humble you, while other moments will teach you inner freedom.You'll take the good and the bad and all of these moments will help you grow. Nothing is ever done in vain, no time is lost when it carries a lesson. But yes, life will try to knock you down many times. The bigger your dream, the brighter your vision; the stronger the blow, the harder the fall. Just get back up. Get up, and up, and up again, every time you fall, because you will.

I've been knocked down at least hundreds of times.I've been tricked by fear and ego, I've been let down by practically every human being I have loved or cared about, I've been cheated by the ones I trusted and been disappointed so many times that I started losing sight of my dream and stopped believing good things could happen to me. Don't lose sight of your dream. It's the only difference between succeeding and failing.

So why is it that some succeed faster than others?

Maybe the ones who succeed never lost track of their dream. Maybe they got lucky. Maybe they worked harder. Or maybe it's part of their life plan and ours is simply meant to be more difficult. Maybe we come from a negative environment and we must constantly work on fighting that negative energy! I can't say I know why it's taking so long, but what I will say is that every time I think I can't get back up and that I need to pick a new dream, something happens to remind me not to quit. A hand suddenly appears and helps me get back on my feet. I always get back up, and so can you.

People sometimes tell me I'm lucky! And then I laugh to myself because every single good thing that has happened to me has been the result of sweat, tears and so much work and let downs! Nothing happens on its own. No one will hand you your dream, it's your responsibility to go out there and get it! Make it happen! You want to sing, sing! Organize those shows, sell those tickets, do the work! The days of a super manager discovering you in a karaoke bar are over. And that's a fact we must accept. The work load is 100x heavier than it was 20 years ago and it can be frustrating and unfair at times, yes, but if you've got a voice and you know you were born to sing, SING!

Sing because it makes you happy! Sing because it brings you peace! Sing because it makes you feel alive and because you want to transmit all of those wonderful feelings to the people listening to you. Sing to share your heart.

The world may never know me, but I will know the world. Maybe the past 17 years have been filled with empty promises and unsuccessful record deals but they have also led me to the person I am today. A woman who now knows why she sings. A woman who is now 17 years wiser and knows that in order to change the world, she must first change herself! Change starts through healing So go out there and sing my warrior gods and goddesses! The world needs your voice!




Karine xx


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