The Year Of Inner Work

You don't need me to tell you that 2020 has been a difficult year, most of you have felt that already, in various forms. For some, it's been the worst year of their lives, and for a few, it's been a well needed break. For me, it's been a year to catapult my inner growth and blossom into a butterfly. Hold up now, I've still got one wing inside the cocoon, but I can see the light!

How has this year treated you? Have you taken advantage to evaluate your life, your behaviours, the people around you and how you spend your precious time on this polarized planet? If not, that's okay, you still have time. Maybe your life is perfect and nothing needs to be changed. If so, I'm happy for you! But this is for those of us for whom some, maybe even most days of the past nine months have been a struggle.

I personally went through various lockdown phases. I've had the disciplined and accepting first three months. Then I went a littles depressed and nuts for another two, then hopeful cause they lifted the lockdown for two months and I was able to start a new business in Sound Healing and Meditation, and then they took that away and I stopped believing things would get better before 2022.

Which leads me here. 

Whatever you did or did not do this year, it's alright. 

Sure, it's awesome to keep self-motivated, in the zone and to challenge yourself, but I've also found that it was in my darkest hours that I flourished, Having these "crappy" days allows you to dig deep into the root of your hidden problems, the ones you even managed to hide from yourself. If there were no darkness, when would we ever appreciate the light?

I'm proud of you. If you're here, reading this, you've survived! You've survived yourself! You've survived your worse demons! You've survived literally having all your freedoms taken away. You did it! 

Now claim your power back, take a deep breath, go and get a pen and paper and write down what it is that you truly want to manifest in your future. You've had almost a year to think about what truly matters to you, now go and get it!


Sending love and wishing you happy holidays!


Karine xx

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