Let It Pour

Rawdon, Québec, April 24th 2020


If one thing is certain, it’s that these past few weeks living confined in our homes will have changed us forever. I will be changed forever. I’ve never seen so many divisions caused by opinions and fear, so much that I’ve been in and out of social media because I either had to refrain myself from commenting on controversial topics or I’ve had to subtly “unfollow” accounts that I felt were completely disconnected from my reality and beliefs. What I wanna talk about here is a change in consciousness and energy. 

Challenging times like these can either bring us closer together or they can tear us apart. Now here’s what I’ve decided to embrace from the start: go with the flow, accept change and don’t hold on to whatever is being let go. Relationships will crumble. Careers will be modified. You won’t realize it quite yet, but you will transform to become a different person at the end of all this... And that’s okay. It’s all okay. The biggest mistake we can do right now is to try and cling to what we know for fear of the unknown. What we know, who we were, how we lived was never aligned with who we are meant to be as human beings. We’ve become human “doings” and that amount of pressure is not sustainable for any soul or environment for that matter. That’s not how we can flourish. 

So let it all fall apart my friend. Let it rain, let it pour. Gracefully let go of the people, things, situations that are being taken away from you. If you see it through the eyes of faith, acknowledging a higher power (God, Source, Universe, whatever), this transition will be easier for you. Everything in this Universe is energy, we are energy. By not giving into fear, you are raising your frequencies and by raising your frequencies, you are becoming a new “you”. It’s just natural then that everything that doesn’t match your new energy will fall apart in order to create space for some new and better things that correspond to your new joyful, lighter frequencies. So if you’re one of these people who believe in something higher than this human body and you’re going through all the storms right now and losing friends and starting to notice that what used to make you happy doesn’t anymore, know that it’s only because you are making room for this new life of yours. Your true self and that the one you’re supposed to be is ready to come out. Like any transformation, this won’t be easy, but the more you learn to accept it and just go with the flow instead of resisting and fighting to avoid change, the easier it will become. 

Don’t try and convince people that you’re right and that they’re wrong. Let them be, move on. Don’t try and save relationships that no longer work for you. Bless these people, send them light and go on your way. Remember that the seed needs some water in order to grow. It’s been “raining” for a while, so who knows, if you let it pour, you might even become an entire forest! 

I love you, good luck on your journey, warrior of light!

Image taken somewhere on the road from Reno to Vegas, 2016

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